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Audio Cable

Analog Audio Cable

MOSH’s Analog Audio Cables streamline installation, saving valuable time and resources. Engineered for optimal performance, these cables ensure efficient delivery of audio signals while upholding Mosh’s rigorous quality standards.

Features & Benefits

Effortless Stripping

Foil shields bonded to the cable jacket facilitate quick and easy installation, minimizing downtime.

Versatile Applications

Audio Cables boast CM, CMR, and CMP ratings, making them suitable for various environments and setups.

Enhanced Performance

Employing a shorting fold technique, these cables maintain consistent metal-to-metal contact, optimizing signal transmission for superior audio quality.

Digital Audio Cable

Discover MOSH’s extensive range of digital audio cables, meticulously crafted for professional recording, sound system installations, and multi-channel audio applications. Our cables seamlessly replace traditional analog or digital shielded pair cables, offering unparalleled performance and versatility.

Features & Benefits

Patented Bonded-Pair Technology

Experience maximum ruggedness and consistent electrical performance, even during and after installation, thanks to our innovative Bonded-Pair technology.

Ready-to-Use Jacketed Single Pair Cable

Say goodbye to inconvenient steps with our ready-to-use jacketed single pair cable, allowing for faster installation times and deployment efficiencies.

Ruggedized PVC Jacket

Designed for flexibility, our ruggedized PVC jacket ensures durability and longevity, making our cables suitable for various environments and applications.

High Impedance for Low Capacitance

With high impedance ensuring low capacitance, our cables are ideally suited for analog applications, guaranteeing exceptional signal integrity.

Speaker Cable

With high impedance ensuring low capacitance, our cables are ideally suited for analog applications, guaranteeing exceptional signal integrity.

Features & Benefits

Effortless Installation

Mosh's Speaker Cables boast quality jacketing, facilitating easy pulling and stripping, thereby saving valuable installation time and costs.

Robust Construction

Crafted from electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) virgin copper, our cables offer solid construction, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

Convenient Identification

With cable jackets featuring footage room and zone markings, identifying and managing cables becomes hassle-free, enhancing overall installation efficiency and organization.

Microphone Cable

Explore MOSH’s range of Microphone Cables, offering high-performance analog and digital options designed to endure continuous handling and usage. Additionally, we provide deployable cables tailored for challenging environments. Our specialty cables boast features such as small diameters, high flexibility, and pulling tensions up to 250 lbs.

Features & Benefits

Exceptional Performance

Crafted with high-conductivity copper, our microphone cables ensure superior signal transmission and audio quality.


Flexible EPDM rubber jackets guarantee longevity, allowing our cables to withstand rigorous use without compromising performance.

Reduced Distortion

Benefit from low capacitance cables, minimizing signal distortion and delivering pristine audio output for optimal listening experiences.

Ethernet Snake Cable

CatSnake UTP Ethernet Snake Cables deliver outstanding AV performance while being exceptionally rugged and flexible, making them perfect for outdoor use. These cables are ideal for broadcast trucks, studios, and portable professional AV setups, enabling audio transmission over standard Ethernet cable. Designed to meet the latest digital audio format requirements, they pass UL 1581 -40°C cold bend tests and are compatible with RJ45 and Neutrik EtherCon® connectors.

Features & Benefits

Durable Construction

Engineered to endure repeated pulling, flexing, bending, coiling, and crushing, ideal for stage and live sound events.

Superior Flexibility

Features stranded (7x32) conductors and matte-finished Belflex® jackets for enhanced flexibility and ease of use.

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