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Tray & TC Cable

Tray & TC Cable

MOSH’s comprehensive range of Tray and TC Cable solutions guarantees uninterrupted operations regardless of the environment. TC Tray Cables are versatile, fitting seamlessly into cable trays, ducts, conduit, and even direct burial setups. Widely utilized across manufacturing facilities, especially in industries like petrochemical, steel, pulp and paper, cement, and mining, these cables offer flexibility and space efficiency while delivering significant cost savings compared to traditional wiring methods.

Features & Benefits

Cost Efficiency

Designed for exposed runs and exempt from conduit requirements, these cables substantially reduce material, labor, and maintenance expenses.

Tailored Hazard Resistance

Various jacket options, including resistance to oil, outdoor sunlight/UV, extreme temperatures, and flames, ensure suitability for diverse hazardous environments.

Increased Flexibility

With a range of conductor options providing greater flex life and corrosion resistance, these cables offer enhanced flexibility for a wide array of applications.

Reliable Electrical Performance

Insulation options cater to wet electrical performance, oil and chemical resistance, and operation in extreme temperatures, guaranteeing consistent electrical performance in challenging conditions.

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