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Cell Voltage Monitoring System (CVMS)

Cell Voltage Monitoring System (CVMS)

The Cell Voltage Monitoring System (CVMS) is a crucial tool for Electrolytic Refining plants, including those processing copper, zinc, nickel, and chlorination. These plants typically have numerous electrolytic cells connected in series. CVMS monitors the voltage across individual cells and generates alarms in case of under or over-voltage conditions. Under-voltage indicates a short circuit, while over-voltage suggests a bad connection or passivation. Additionally, CVMS monitors current and totalized ampere-hours, providing insights into the yield’s condition.

Key Specifications

Voltage Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of individual cell voltages to detect short circuits and bad connections.

Data Analysis Tools

These are special tools to analyze acquired data, calculate average cell voltage, determine deviations from standard cell voltage, and determine crop patterns.

Predictive Fault Detection

Early or predictive detection of faults to improve plant efficiency.

Operator Safety

Eliminates the need for field operators to inspect cells individually, protecting them from exposure to hazardous chemicals and high currents.

Microverse CVMS systems enhance plant efficiency and safety by providing real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities.

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