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Network Accessories

Power over Ethernet Injectors

Hirschmann PoE Injectors are designed with rugged industrial-grade housings and specialized features, ensuring dependable power supply for industrial settings. Whether for new installations or retrofits requiring ample power without device constraints, these injectors offer a high port count and deliver up to 240W of power. Opt for either active models with integrated power supply or passive ones as standalone modules, providing enhanced flexibility to suit diverse needs.

Features & Benefits

Cutting-Edge Efficiency

PoE injectors meet the rising need for powering energy-intensive devices

Unmatched Power & Versatility

Seamlessly integrate high PoE power into both new and established applications while preserving existing infrastructure.

Modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP)

The Hirschmann Modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP) integrates copper and fiber cable termination into a single, forward-looking solution. Built to withstand harsh environments, its sturdy design and high port density featuring various connector types make it perfect for industrial network installations. Now equipped with MOSH DataTuff® Industrial REVConnect connectors, facilitating quicker, easier, and more resilient terminations in the field.

Features & Benefits

Versatile and Adaptable

Seamlessly manage both copper and fiber connections within a single patch panel.

Cost-Efficient Installation and Maintenance

Facilitates swift and straightforward setup of structured cabling, minimizing expenses.

Reliable Performance

Robust metal construction ensures durability for indoor industrial environments, even without a cabinet.

Efficient Field Operations

MIPP equipped with Industrial REVConnect modules streamlines troubleshooting and cable termination processes, saving valuable time.

Wireless Antennas & Accessories

Each wireless network deployment presents its own set of challenges. Hirschmann provides an extensive selection of high-performance wireless accessories and antennas designed to address your specific deployment requirements. Whether you’re dealing with varying facility sizes, construction materials, transmission distances, or physical obstructions, our wireless accessories offer the ideal solution to complement your industrial wireless setup.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Versatility

Select from a variety of options including indoor and outdoor, MIMO or single antennas, with choices for through-hole mounting or adjustable configurations.

Comprehensive Solution

Access all necessary mounting materials by combining the antenna with our inclusive sets.

Effortless Installation

Enjoy a simple plug-and-play solution with antenna connectors and cable lengths that suit most applications.

Customized Solutions

Our sets are tailored to individual requirements, providing everything needed for seamless installation.

Auto-Configuration Adapter

Hirschmann’s Auto-Configuration Adapters (ACA) streamline the commissioning and replacement process for managed switches, firewalls, and wireless access points. With storage mediums designed to withstand wide temperature ranges and ensure functionality in harsh environmental conditions, including shock, vibration, and EMC, these adapters offer reliable support for various network components.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Network Versatility

Diverse adapters cater to Hirschmann’s industrial Ethernet and wireless solutions, ensuring compatibility across the network.

User-Friendly Setup

Simply connect the ACA and power up the new switch—no extensive network knowledge required for configuration.

Effortless Plug-and-Play

Upon ACA connection, the new switch seamlessly loads and saves configuration and software settings, facilitating hassle-free deployment.

Industrial Ethernet Cable

As industrial automation systems evolve with the integration of industrial Ethernet, ensure steadfast connections with MOSH’s comprehensive lineup of top-tier DataTuff® Industrial Ethernet Cables. Crafted specifically for industrial use, these cables deliver unwavering and dependable performance, even in the most demanding conditions.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Durability

Experience reassurance in the field with a dependable, sturdy solution engineered for longevity.

Reliable Functionality

Crafted for seamless, high-capacity data transmission post-installation, ensuring continual uptime.

Diverse Product Range

Select the optimal cable tailored to your application from our wide array of options, catering to your specific requirements.

Power Supplies & Cables

Explore a diverse selection of Hirschmann AC and DC Power Supplies and Cables tailored to seamlessly complement industrial Ethernet solutions. Our power supply units feature AC power input ranges spanning from 100 to 240 VAC and 100 to 375 VDC, alongside options for converting to 24 VDC or -48 VDC. Choose from two IP67 models and convenient DIN rail mounting for applications where water presence is a consideration.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Dependability

Connection cables reliably power switches equipped with high-voltage power supplies, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Stable Power Supply

Suited for sensitive loads in industrial automation environments, where equipment endures harsh conditions, guaranteeing reliable power delivery.

Safety Tested

Our solutions possess all necessary approvals and undergo rigorous testing for electromagnetic interference and safety, ensuring peace of mind.

Mounting Accessories

MOSH’s Mounting Solutions provide versatile and durable networking support, designed to withstand various environments. Our extensive selection of mounting accessories offers unparalleled flexibility. These specially crafted adapters and kits enable you to mount networking devices not only on standard DIN rails but also on walls, 19” cabinets, or masts.

Features & Benefits

Convenient Cable Access

Sturdy metal construction ensures easy access to cables, keeping networking devices within reach.

Versatile Compatibility

Flexible product design allows for seamless integration of multiple solutions within a single space, catering to diverse needs.

Flexible Mounting Options

Easily mount your networking solutions on walls, 19-inch cabinets, or masts, providing adaptable installation choices.

Miscellaneous Accessories

MOSH and Hirschmann offer comprehensive solutions to effortlessly connect and safeguard your network. With our extensive array of system accessories, you have the flexibility to choose how to safeguard unused ports or media slots on your devices.

Features & Benefits

Enhance and Safeguard Networking Devices

Implement cover plates for unused media slots on modular switches to enhance protection.

Enhance Switch Longevity

Select from a diverse selection of plastic covers for switch ports to bolster durability and resilience.

Terminal Cables

MOSH Terminal Cables offer users the flexibility to establish connections between an external management station and the serial interfaces of a network device for control and monitoring purposes. This enables the setup of connections to the Command Line Interface (CLI) and the system monitor.

Features & Benefits

Versatile Cable Compatibility

Accommodates a wide range of cable types, including RJ45, USB, M12, and DB9.

Unmatched Flexibility

Enables connection of various devices to an external management station with ease.


The Hirschmann product line offers an array of transmitter and receiver options, empowering users to select the ideal transceiver for each link. This ensures the necessary optical reach over fiber or the appropriate data rate and connection for twisted-pair copper. Our high-quality small form-factor pluggable (SFP) and 10G small form-factor pluggable (XFP) transceivers undergo rigorous testing and approval, guaranteeing seamless compatibility with Hirschmann switches under similar environmental conditions.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Flexibility

Opt for fiber or copper SFP transceivers, or bidirectional Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to suit diverse networking needs.

Space-Saving Design

SFPs boast a compact body size, about half that of traditional GBIC transceivers, optimizing space utilization in networking equipment.

Dependable Performance

Wide range of hot-pluggable fiber optic and copper SFP and XFP transceivers ensure reliable connectivity in Hirschmann industrial Ethernet setups.

High-Speed Data Transfer

Choose from a variety of transceivers supporting Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 2.5G, or 10G Ethernet for efficient data transmission.

Ethernet Converters

Whether you’re linking devices to controllers, integrating controllers with the control room, transmitting data across different sites, or managing communication throughout your industrial network, MOSH provides the essential products for seamless connectivity. Our Ethernet Converters cater to diverse needs, efficiently transforming serial connections into Ethernet in any setting.

Features & Benefits

Tailored to Your Network Requirements

Customize features to align with specific specifications.

Smooth Integration with Current Setup

Highly configurable Ethernet interfaces and legacy leased circuits ensure backward compatibility.

Wide Protocol Support

Accommodate legacy and current IP routing technologies with protocol routing capabilities.

Flexible Mounting Options

Choose between DIN rail or tray-mountable modules, suitable for placement on terminal devices or DIN rails with adapters.

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