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I/O Systems

IO-Link Master

IO-Link serves as a standardized I/O technology facilitating intelligent communication with sensors and actuators. Lumberg Automation’s LioN-X and LioN-Power IO-Link Masters simplify integration into common industrial PLC environments. The latest addition, the LioN-X family, offers multiprotocol capabilities, tailored for Industry 4.0 with various IIoT protocols onboard. This solution ensures prompt, reliable, and secure data collection, conversion, and transmission within automated production settings.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Process Efficiency

Seamlessly adapt the IO-Link Master to the fieldbus protocol for swift and dependable data transmission to your PLC environment.

Industry 4.0 with LioN-X

Incorporating IIoT protocols like OPC UA, MQTT, CoAP & REST API, cloud communication becomes feasible, granting access to sensor data on a company-wide scale.

Intuitive Configuration

Effortlessly parameterize IO-Link Devices through an IODD interpreter, accessible via the LioN-Management Suite and LioN-X webserver.

Time Savings

Experience significant reductions in installation time with hybrid coding that combines data and power, efficiently streamlining the process.

IO-Link Hubs

IO-Link stands as the premier standardized I/O technology facilitating communication with sensors and actuators. The LioN-P and LioN-X IO-Link system integrates robust I/O modules in various configurations, enabling intelligent communication between sensors and actuators in industrial settings, boasting several industry-first features. A cost-effective, low-current IO-Link Hub option delivers 350 milliamperes (mA) per channel and sports a durable metal housing suitable for numerous industrial applications.

Features & Benefits

Extreme Temperature Operation

Operational range spans from -40°C up to +70°C, ensuring functionality in harsh environments.

Reduced Machine Costs

Efficient combination of IO-Link Master and IO-Link Hubs enables processing of up to 132 I/O signals, optimizing machine expenditure.

Simple Implementation

Preconfigured PX0 modules and absence of individual parameterization efforts streamline setup and deployment.

Power via IO-Link Option

Eliminates the necessity for an external power supply for variants lacking an M12 L-coded power connection, thereby shortening deployment time and reducing network complexity.

Digital I/O Modules for Industrial Ethernet

The LioN-X Digital I/O Modules and LioN-Power Digital I/O Modules families offer highly adaptable features to provide Fieldbus-independent automation for leading industrial Ethernet protocols. Empower your industrial automation solutions with LioN-X Digital I/O Modules — versatile, cost-effective options for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 connectivity. LioN-X Digital I/O Modules support five prominent Ethernet protocols, including PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT.

Features & Benefits

Flexibility & Reliability

Deliver outstanding performance across diverse industrial applications.

Seamless Integration

Universal channels allow digital input or output without requiring any configuration.

High System Availability

Ensure operational reliability with a robust design that promotes system uptime.

Shock & Vibration Resistance

Modules exhibit superior electrical performance, thriving even in harsh environments prone to shock and vibration.

Digital I/O Modules for Fieldbus Systems

Mosh Technology presents a diverse array of digital I/O modules tailored for legacy industrial fieldbus systems. This comprehensive I/O portfolio caters to intricate automation needs across various industrial applications. Engineered to withstand the most rigorous electromechanical demands in challenging environments, these modules ensure the continuous operation of machines and plants.

Features & Benefits

Flexibility & Reliability

Demonstrates exceptional performance across a spectrum of industrial applications.

Efficient Module Replacement

Universal channels facilitate swift module replacement, enabling seamless digital input or output without necessitating configuration.

High System Availability

Ensures operational reliability through a robust design, promoting uninterrupted machine functionality.

Vibration & Shock Resistance

Withstands harsh conditions, offering superior electrical performance even in environments prone to vibration and shock.

Distributed Control Units

Introducing the LioN-P DCU1 from Lumberg Automation, a groundbreaking integration of a field-level (IP67) I/O module and a programmable logic controller (PLC) in a single device, offering effortless customization for automation tasks.

Features & Benefits

Versatile Designs

Swap modules seamlessly with universal channels—no configuration required—compatible with diverse protocols.

Compact Power Distribution

Enjoy streamlined power distribution with the choice of M12 Power option.

Reliable Automation

Equipped with integrated intelligence, the DCU1 ensures continuous operation of control applications, even in the event of PLC failure.

Passive Distribution Modules

Experience the original market-leading solution that revolutionized on-machine connectivity. Choose from a diverse array of styles, including 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12-ports, with or without LED operation and function indicators. Select between M8 (pico) or M12 (micro) I/O connection options, along with top- or side-entry I/O mounts, complete with integrated control cables.

Features & Benefits

Tailored Solutions

Swap modules seamlessly with universal channels—no configuration required—compatible with diverse protocols.

Versatile Range

Explore a wide variety of versions, providing flexible connection solutions.

Ideal for the Food Industry

The ASB-N line is meticulously crafted to resist corrosion and facilitate easy cleaning, making it the perfect choice for food industry applications.

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