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Warehouse Management System


Efficient distribution management directly impacts inventory optimization throughout the supply chain. To achieve this, it’s essential to maximize inventory flow both inside the warehouse and as inventory moves in and out of the yard. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides real-time information, intelligent work direction, and complete visibility of trucks, trailers, drivers, goods, and materials from the moment they arrive at the gate until they leave your facility.

Inter-Warehouse Management System

Automatic Stock Level Updates Between Warehouses

Eliminate the hassle of manually updating stock levels after an inter-warehouse transfer. Product quantities are automatically updated once a transfer is performed.

Receive Reorder Notifications

Prevent stockouts in your warehouses. With Zoho Inventory, receive low stock notifications when it's time to place a new order with your supplier.

Track Your Items

Never lose track of your stock during a warehouse transfer. Serial and batch tracking helps monitor the status of individual items while in transit.

Multi-Warehouse Management System

Manage Multiple Warehouses Globally

Avoid confusion while managing multiple warehouses. Zoho Inventory allows you to track activities across warehouses in different countries using a single application.

Minimize Transport Distances

Accelerate deliveries by analyzing distances and selecting the warehouse closest to the delivery location for easier shipping.

Redirect Purchase Orders to the Desired Warehouse

Seamlessly manage inventory by directing purchase orders to the appropriate warehouse.

Import Transactions

Bring your existing warehouse transactions into Zoho Inventory. Add sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, and bills using a simple template.

Effective Warehouse Management

Customize Access Within Teams

Enable effective collaboration while keeping data secure. Customize access for each team member so they can view and modify only the warehouse data they need.

Provide Team Transparency

Ensure teams are on the same page. Staff in different warehouses can view real-time inventory updates using Zoho Inventory.

Keep Track of Your Team's Activities

Monitor team member activities such as sales or purchases. Set notifications or approval requests to ensure accuracy and identify top performers.

Receive Real-Time Updates

Always monitor stock in transit. Track transfer orders and receive real-time updates on stock whereabouts by enabling Aftership integration.

Real-Time Stock Level Updates

Continuously monitor item levels in each warehouse with sales or purchase order creation, enabling you to keep track of item quantities daily.

Detailed Inventory Report

Real-Time Warehouse Reports

Make informed business decisions using Zoho Inventory. Access real-time reports on item sales performance and purchase trends across warehouses.

Track Warehouse Performance

Ensure you’re meeting targets. Monitor warehouse activity to see the volume of items shipped in and out of each location.

Key Features

Variety of Search Parameters (Batch No., Area, Lot No.)

FIFO & LIFO Based System

Streamlined Material Flow

User-Friendly Application

Zone Management

Move-Path Sequencing

Integrated Fork-Lift Guide System

Automatic Data Acquisition

Location Reservation

Carton Recommendation

Add On

  • Web-Based Access
  • Report Generation
  • Notification and Alarm Alerts
  • QR Code Scanning and Printing
  • Location Planning
  • RFID Security System
  • Stock Transfer and Management
  • Cross Docking
  • Automation Slotting
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