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Hirschmann OpEdge-8D

Hirschmann OpEdge-8D

Extract valuable insights from your data with OpEdge-8D, offering robust computing infrastructure tailored for running applications at the network edge. Seamlessly integrate with the MOSH Horizon™ Console for cloud-hosted device management, application orchestration, and secure remote access functionalities.

Features & Benefits

Enable IT-OT Convergence

Utilize state-of-the-art IT technologies to establish a secure, reliable, and scalable connection between IT and OT systems, enhancing the utility of operational data.

Securely Manage & Scale Deployments

Leverage the cloud-based Belden Horizon™ Console alongside OpEdge-8D for native device management, application orchestration, and secure remote access, ensuring a seamless and protected deployment process.

Uncover Actionable Insights

Implement user applications on the device edge runtime to efficiently gather and process operational data, facilitating the generation of valuable insights.

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