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Media Automation Lighting Systems Product

Cabling for AMX Systems

Belden provides both standard and custom cables tailored for a wide range of AV and control applications, including AMX systems. These specialized cables are optimized for comprehensive building management, facilitating the monitoring and control of advanced systems such as AV, environmental, lighting, shade, and climate control systems.

Lutron Systems

Belden offers a comprehensive range of Media, Automation, and Lighting Control cables specifically designed for Lutron’s lighting and shade control systems. These include Lighting & Automation Cables with options for PVC, FPE, polyethylene, and polyolefin insulation, all featuring Beldfoil® shielding for optimal performance.

DMX Systems

Theatrical lighting has evolved from fixed lights and direct operator control to sophisticated electronic control systems. Over the past few decades, these systems have shifted from DMX-512 (an RS-485 based control) to Ethernet. In addition to controlling lighting fixtures, delivering power to the light-producing components is essential. Legacy high-voltage incandescent lamps are being replaced by fluorescent and LED fixtures, which use lower voltages and generate less heat and wattage.

Features & Benefits

Designed for Industrial Conditions

Belden's lighting cables meet industrial standards, offering rugged and resistant options suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Multiple Options

Belden provides over 25 variations for DMX / RS-485 applications, ensuring the right solution for any lighting control setup.

Crestron Systems

Belden provides Crestron-compatible cables specifically designed for a variety of AV and control applications, as well as general-purpose control and communication needs.

Cobranet, Dante, Ethersound, DigitalSnake

CatSnake UTP Ethernet Snake Cables deliver outstanding AV performance while being exceptionally rugged and flexible, making them perfect for outdoor use. These cables are ideal for broadcast trucks, studios, and portable professional AV setups, enabling audio transmission over standard Ethernet cable. Designed to meet the latest digital audio format requirements, they pass UL 1581 -40°C cold bend tests and are compatible with RJ45 and Neutrik EtherCon® connectors.

Features & Benefits

Ultimate Field Deployable Solution

Robust cables designed for harsh environments ensure reliable performance and maximum uptime.

Superior Shielding

Each pair is individually shielded with Beldfoil® aluminum/polyester foil and an overall braided shield, ensuring superior performance and protection against electromagnetic interference.

Exceptional Flexibility and Durability

Tested for repeated bending, these cables exceed performance requirements while maintaining electrical integrity.

Easy Transportation and Deployment

Compact round cable design facilitates hassle-free transportation and deployment in various settings.

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