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Network Access Control

Network Access Control

With macmon Network Access Control (NAC), you achieve transparency, secure authentication, and granular access control in critical networks. macmon NAC provides both IT and OT departments with an immediate network overview, complete with graphical reports and topology. It secures your OT environment by excluding nonessential devices and establishing security zones based on criticality, managed by an automatic, dynamic set of rules. Implementation is quick, often within a day, and the interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

Features & Benefits

Effortless Network Segmentation and Threat Isolation

Achieve top-tier security with state-of-the-art authentication methods and automatic event responses, easing the burden on your operations team.

Comprehensive Device Control

Gain full visibility of your network with instant overviews, graphical reports, and topology maps. Easily segment networks and isolate threats while monitoring OT devices and their communication. Detect deviations from expected statuses.

Infrastructure Manufacturer Agnostic

Install in any heterogeneous network. Benefit from close partnerships with numerous IT and OT security solutions, providing real added value to users' daily operations.

Endpoint Identification

Eliminate unknown or unauthorized endpoints and insecure devices, ensuring tangible security by controlling endpoint access.

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