Mosh Technology

Serial Communication

Ethernet Converters

Whether you’re linking devices to controllers, establishing connections between controllers and the control room, transmitting data across the control room, engineering department, and remote manufacturing sites—or managing all these scenarios—MOSH provides the essential products to facilitate seamless communication. Our Ethernet Converters present a diverse array of solutions, catering to users requiring serial connections converted to Ethernet across various environments.

Features & Benefits

Customizable Solutions

Tailor the features precisely to meet individual specifications and requirements.

Effortless Integration with Existing Infrastructure

Highly configurable Ethernet interfaces and legacy leased circuits ensure seamless backward compatibility with current infrastructure.

Support for Multiple Protocols

Facilitates protocol routing for both legacy networks and modern IP routing technologies.

Flexible Installation Options

Choose between DIN rail or tray-mountable options, allowing for placement directly on the terminal device or mounting on a DIN rail with the use of an adapter.

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