Mosh Technology



No business or industry is immune to attack. Threats can arise from both internal personnel and external hackers, whether intentional or accidental. An unprotected network exposes your enterprise to significant risks. To mitigate these risks, adopting best practices such as Defense in Depth and zones and conduits is essential. MOSH’s security devices provide the functionality needed to implement these practices, ensuring the safety, resilience, and reliability of your system.

Features & Benefits

Unmatched System Configurability

Offers a comprehensive graphical user interface, firewall learning mode, and deep packet inspection (DPI) modules.

Real-Time Visibility

Supports inspection of over 100 SCADA protocols via Tripwire Industrial Visibility.

Continuous Network Monitoring

Ensures maximum defensibility against contemporary industrial network threats with ruggedized housing.

Enhanced Performance & Security

Includes more port options, increased bandwidth, stateful firewall, and advanced encryption techniques.

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