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Hirschmann SPIDER III Unmanaged Switches

The Hirschmann SPIDER III Unmanaged Switches streamline network setups, offering essential Ethernet switch features at a competitive price. Designed for applications with less stringent security and network availability demands, the Hirschmann SPIDER III Unmanaged Switch Family is categorized into three subfamilies: SPIDER III Standard Line Switches, SPIDER III Power over Ethernet Switches, and SPIDER III Premium Line Switches.

Features & Benefits

SPIDER III Standard Line Switches

These entry-level switches offer affordability and are ideal for smaller infrastructures and field-level networks.

SPIDER III Premium Line Switches

Meeting industry-specific standards such as E1, DNV, and ATEX, these switches are optimal for use in harsh environments, particularly those with extreme temperatures.

SPIDER III Power over Ethernet Switches

Designed to meet the diverse needs of various sectors and applications, especially in automation environments where reduced cabling is desired.

Unmanaged Rack-Mount Switches

In industrial settings, seamless connectivity among multiple workgroups is essential. MOSH offers Unmanaged Industrial Rack-Mount Ethernet Switches that are easy to install, scalable, and dependable. Designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions, these switches are rugged and suitable for telco and challenging environments. They ensure high network availability and adaptability to various environmental conditions. With additional fiber ports, these switches facilitate uplink communication and provide isolation from other subnets.

Features & Benefits

Seamless Plug-and-Play Operation

Automatically learns addresses and adjusts switching services in response to network changes, ensuring hassle-free setup and maintenance.

Integration with IIoT

Facilitates simplified installation and maximized throughput, enabling smooth transformation into Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments..

Building Automation Switch

MOSH’s Building Automation Switch is designed to seamlessly integrate into electrical distribution boards, streamlining installation processes for enhanced efficiency. With its built-in power supply, this switch offers a cost-effective and space-saving solution for electricians working in commercial, non-residential smart buildings, and smart homes. Supporting both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and PoE+ configurations, it ensures reliable and fast Ethernet communication for diverse applications.

Features & Benefits

Simple Installation

Designed to fit seamlessly inside standard electrical distribution boards, ensuring easy installation.

Space and Cost Savings

With embedded PoE and PoE+ options, eliminates the requirement for an additional power supply, reducing space and costs.

Fast and Reliable Communication

Integrates up to 8 ports directly within the switch, supporting speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s for fast and reliable communication.

Hirschmann Unmanaged OCTOPUS Ethernet IP67/IP65 Switches

Unmanaged switches within the OCTOPUS family offer a cost-effective solution for establishing connections to Ethernet terminal devices in demanding conditions. Additionally, PoE versions provide power to terminal devices, even in the most challenging environments.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Network Reliability

Facilitates fail-safe network installations across diverse scenarios, ensuring maximum reliability and long-term availability.

Approved for Transportation

Complies with application-specific regulations such as EN 50155, making them suitable for use in transportation settings.

Durable Compact Design

Boasts IP67/65 ratings for waterproof and dust-tight housings, allowing for external mounting without the need for cabinets.

PoE Capability

Offers PoE versions enabling direct powering of terminal devices via Ethernet cables, eliminating the requirement for additional power supply units.

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