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Panels & Patching Systems

RJ45 Patch Panels

MOSH’s RJ45 Patch Panels serve diverse environments, addressing both commercial and industrial needs. Our commercial-grade panels are customizable, available either empty or pre-loaded with RJ45 jacks, facilitating Category 6A, 6, and 5E network setups. In industrial settings, we provide the Modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP), seamlessly integrating copper and fiber cable terminations. Built to withstand rugged conditions, its robust design and high port density ensure optimal performance in industrial network installations.

Fiber Patch Systems

MOSH presents a range of Fiber Patching Systems to meet diverse needs. Our comprehensive platforms include FX ECX for LAN setups, FX UHD for high-density fiber channels, and the DCX System ideal for data centers requiring extensive fiber connections and density, such as optical distribution frame installations. Additionally, we offer stand-alone patching solutions like Zone, Consolidation MDUs, and In-Suite Enclosures. Rounding out our offerings are Modular Industrial Patch Panels tailored for rugged environments.

Copper Cross-Connect Systems

MOSH’s Cross-Connect Systems are perfect for high-density setups, prioritizing seamless moves, adds, and changes. Our lineup comprises the REVConnect 10GX Wall Mount System, GigaBIX, BIX, and 110 Cross-Connect systems. These solutions ensure straightforward installation and cable management, delivering exceptional performance at a competitive price. When mounted on a wall, they offer unparalleled space-saving benefits, making them an ideal choice for compact installations.

Wallplates & Boxes

MOSH’s Wallplates & Boxes are engineered to offer utmost flexibility, durability, aesthetics, and manageability, compatible with REVConnect, KeyConnect, MDVO, and Multimedia Modules. Available in diverse styles, colors, and port configurations, they cater to all work area outlet requirements. Our range includes modular and fixed designs, alongside a series of boxes and adapters, simplifying system design for seamless integration.

Broadcast Panels and Enclosures

MOSH’s Custom Broadcast Panels and Enclosures offer unparalleled adaptability in large spaces, allowing for efficient management of multiple media outputs. Tailored to your specific needs, they can accommodate a wide range of broadcast and professional AV connector types and configurations. Customization options include features like etching, prewiring, panel height adjustment, and connector location and alignment.

Features & Benefits

Maximize Panel Space

Heights ranging from 1 RU to 4 RU optimize space utilization, while customizable connector locations and alignment streamline cable management.

Enhance Efficiency

Flexible installation options allow deployment in racks, JBTs, or wall-mounted configurations, optimizing square footage and improving efficiency.

Simplify Project Management

Source broadcast cabling, connectors, and panels from a single trusted provider, streamlining project management and ensuring compatibility.

Reduce Installation Time

Custom prewiring options help expedite installation, saving valuable time and resources.

Maintain Design Aesthetic

Customize panels with etching or logos to uphold a specific design aesthetic, adding a professional touch to your setup.

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