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CNC Monitoring

CNC Monitoring

With our cloud-based CNC monitoring system, you can now effortlessly track your CNC machine’s performance, production efficiency, and resource analysis. CNC machines perform various machining operations such as turning, milling, and drilling, and are vital for precision manufacturing. Ensuring the optimal performance of these functions is crucial for quality production. Cloud monitoring provides the flexibility to access data from anywhere at any time.

Key Features

Improved Manufacturing Efficiency

Reduced Production Waste for Increased Profits

Automated Data Collection and Analytics

Increased Overall Equipment Efficiency

Real-Time Shop Floor Visibility

Shop Floor Alerts and Notifications

Enhanced Operator Engagement and Company Communication

Custom Reporting

CNC Remote Monitoring System

CNC Monitoring


Gather data from CNC machine controls and operators across the production floor. Touchscreen tablets at each machine guide operators through tasks and allow for additional context to machine data.


Protect all performance data via an onsite gateway that shields your machine network from public internet access. Data is encrypted and stored in the cloud before being securely relayed to your dashboards.


Access data from anywhere at any time using a remote monitoring mobile-friendly, secure cloud application.


Use real-time dashboards on the production floor to visualize data, providing immediate indication if jobs are meeting or falling short of expectations (against goals or OEE).


Track machine condition (faults, status, tool utilization), quality metrics, and downtime reasons. Data can be auto-classified or indicated by operators through touchscreen tablet interfaces.


Improve efficiency, quickly identify production bottlenecks, and measure the impact of process improvements.


Facilitate your manufacturing operations' digital transformation with remote monitoring capabilities.


Display Important KPIs

View machine status at a glance, updated live on any device (TV, tablet, laptop). Displaying key production data on the shop floor helps empower employees, track progress, and meet objectives and deadlines.

Visualize Machine Status in Real Time

Upload a floor plan of your factory and track machine status at a glance to react quickly when needed.

Machine Downtime

Generate reports on machine downtime to detect causes, whether they are related to specific shifts, weekends, or problematic CNC machines.

Respond Without Delay

Real-time data benefits all departments, from the shop floor to upper management.

Continuous Improvement

Analyze the gap between estimated and real-time performance and take corrective action to continually improve machine efficiency.

Analyze Tendencies

View availability trends by week, month, or year to gain insights into productivity and spot improvement opportunities.

Program Performance

See how many times a program has run on your CNC machine and know the number of parts produced per machine, shift, or team.

Custom Saved Report

Customize your report layout to focus on the most relevant information and monitor your areas of responsibility effectively.

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