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Production Management System

Production Management System

Our Production Management System epitomizes boldness and resourcefulness, dedicated to solving your challenges with hustle. We craft solutions tailored to current and future needs, establishing the foundation for safe and efficient production in modern factories. From Pharma to Food industries, Beverages to heavy asset processing, like power generation and chemical industries, we elevate intelligent plant production and enterprise management performance.


Production Management entails planning, organizing, directing, and controlling industrial production processes to ensure seamless operations, applicable across manufacturing and service industries.


Real-time efficiency calculation

Downtime analysis

High-speed production counter

Report generation

Cloud-based monitoring (via application)

Functional Specifications of PMS

  • Rotating display with 12-second interval for each cell display
  • Line status indicator (yellow for idle, green for running, red for stopped)
  • Access control for administrative functions
  • Exportable reports with date selection
  • Various report types including daily, monthly, O.E.E., manpower, downtime, changeover, and hourly reports

Report Generations

There are various types of reports that are made using PMS, stated below

  • Daily reports
  • Monthly reports
  • O.E.E. reports
  • Manpower reports
  • Application reports
  • Downtime reports
  • Changeover reports
  • Hourly reports

Production Planning & Execution

  • Real-time data recording via ManufApp platform
  • Downtime tracking and machine utilization monitoring
  • Maintenance management and asset tracking
  • Order tracking and integration with ERP systems
  • Real-time production quality management


Tangible Benefits

Enhanced equipment management for increased manufacturing and production efficiency

Optimized resource allocation leading to reduced labor costs

Centralized data management system to eliminate errors and duplication

Improved procurement processes resulting in lower material costs

Enhanced planning and control to shorten work-in-progress durations

Intangible Benefits

Ability to compare desired output with actual performance

Improved production control and standardized procedures

Faster accessibility to relevant information

Enhanced monitoring and error-proofing for increased data accuracy

Integration of multiple systems into one transparent central system

Comprehensive analysis of production processes

Production Management System Architecture

Production Line Management System

  • Easily monitor line status and identify bottlenecks
  • Accurate tracking of setup time and IOT-based data logging
  • Graphical layout visualization of production line
  • Maintenance alerts and alarms, machine run time system, and OEE calculation
  • Data acquisition for operator utilization and downtime analysis
  • Daily efficiency report generation

Efficiency Calculators

  • Real-Time Efficiency Tracking
  • Downtime Analysis
  • High-Speed Production Counting
  • Cloud-Based Monitoring via Application
  • Automated Report Generation

Add On

  • Alarm and alert generation
  • Remote fault diagnostics via online connectivity
  • Seamless wireless integration
  • PLC server for advanced analytics
  • Automated email notifications
  • Machine vision system for surveillance
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