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Electronic wire & cable

Type PLTC Cable

Opt for Type PLTC/ITC Cables to seamlessly blend noise protection with flexibility. These cables are engineered for power-limited circuits in industrial control systems, energy management systems, and various audio and alarm applications.

Features & Benefits

Cost-Effective Solution

Rated for exposed runs without the need for conduit, reducing installation costs.

High Electrical Performance

Insulation options offer excellent wet electrical performance, oil/chemical resistance, and reliable operation in extreme temperatures.

Robust Environmental Protection

Cable jackets resist sunlight, moisture, and vapor penetration, ensuring durability in harsh conditions.

Enhanced Flexibility

Conductor options provide increased flexibility, greater flex life, and corrosion resistance, ensuring superior performance and longevity.

Thermocouple Wire

MOSH Thermocouple Wire offers versatile options for industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, mining, power generation, wastewater treatment, food processing, and transportation. Connect your devices to sensing or controlling equipment with confidence using our reliable extension-grade cables.

Features & Benefits

Compliance with Standards

Designed to meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and IEC standards, ensuring reliability and compatibility.

Easy Identification

Color-coded insulation and jacket materials facilitate easy differentiation from other cables, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Operational Versatility

Enhanced performance enables operation in extreme temperatures, both high and low.

Optimal Cable Performance

Constructed with dissimilar conductors to generate measurable electrical energy, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

ACIC Cable

MOSH offers a complete line of armored, CSA-rated control, instrumentation and power cables—ACIC Cables—suitable for use in 300V, 600V and some 1000V environments. Find the right ACIC solution for your needs with Mosh’s wide range of conductor and pair counts, insulation and jacket options (also available unarmored)

Features & Benefits

No Conduit or Burial Piping

ACIC eliminates the need for extra installation materials.

Hazard-Matched Design

Resists sunlight, chemicals and oil to keep signals going strong.

Protect Your Signal

Superior mechanical protection in underground use or hazardous settings.

CSA Rated

Designed specifically to meet CSA22.2 Type CIC standards and tested against applicable North American requirements.

PVC Cable

Discover the versatility of PVC cables, essential for a myriad of applications ranging from fixed wiring to flexible installations. PVC stands out as a preferred choice for electrical cable due to its blend of cost-effectiveness, durability, and safety—particularly crucial in challenging environments prone to weathering, corrosive substances, and heavy usage.

Features & Benefits

Tailored to Your Requirements

Choose from a range of material options including PVC/nylon, XLPE, and EPR insulated conductors with PVC, CPE, or LSZH construction to meet your specific needs.

Proven Reliability

Our robust cables have undergone rigorous field testing, demonstrating exceptional performance in demanding industrial environments.

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