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Utility Monitoring

Utility Management

Utility management tracks your machine’s consumption, such as electricity and water usage.

Similarly, a Utility Management System gathers detailed utilization data for selected utilities in your office. Many organizations also use this system for sub-metering.

Our Utility Management Software

Utility management software helps industries manage, monitor, analyze, and report consumption. It also aids in creating utility bills on a yearly, monthly, or daily basis, and assists in calculating and allocating costs internally.

The primary advantage of utility tracking and management software is the ability to set alerts and warnings for consumption. You will receive notifications when consumption exceeds set thresholds.

Use of Utility Management in Your Organization

This system can help you manage company utilities and improve overall infrastructure operations through effective utility management.

Our support team can design and create a system tailored to your business needs and office requirements. These systems are scalable, flexible, and adaptable to accommodate future updates and changes.

Systemic Operations with Utility Monitoring & Management

  • Energy Monitoring System
  • Compressor Monitoring System
  • Chiller Monitoring System
  • Diesel Generator Remote Monitoring
  • Flow Meter
  • Boiler
  • Transformer Monitoring System
  • Predictive Maintenance

Energy Monitoring System

Energy Metering

Customizable Widget

Centralized Controls

24/7 Monitoring


Periodic Reporting

Periodic Maintenance

Benefits of EMS

Unified Portal

Energy Profiling

Asset Utilization & Consumption Measurement

Micro & Macro Views of Remote Data

Energy Budgeting

Predefined KPIs

Energy Metering & Management

Real-time Data Analytics

On-Premise & Cloud

ERP Integration

Alarms on Anomalies & Escalations

Map-based Geo Visualizations

Compressor Monitoring System

Optimizing Machine Utilization

Reduce Power Consumption

Avoiding Downtime Errors

Predicting Failures

Maintenance Cycles

Real Time Alerts

Mobile Access Control

Benefits of CMS

Air Compressor discharge Oil Temperature

Kilowatt Input

Loaded & Unloaded Hours

CFM Output

Dryer Heat Exchange Temperature

Final System Pressure

Annual Compressed-air Cost

CFM/Kw Efficiency

Filtration Differential Pressure

Run Hours

Discharge Pressure

System Leak

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