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The CloudRail.Box serves as an Edge Gateway, seamlessly bridging the gap between the shop floor and the cloud within the CloudRail Solution. Designed to accommodate both Brownfield environments with secondary sensors (retrofitting) and Greenfield scenarios utilizing OPC-UA, it also offers connectivity to Modbus or VSE devices.

Equipped with features such as Plug&Play device provisioning, intelligent data normalization, advanced security functions, and edge computing capabilities, CloudRail stands out as the most sophisticated edge solution available. It enables rapid deployment of IIoT pilots while also being the preferred choice for large-scale installations. The CloudRail.Box excels in providing IIoT connectivity and is ideal for straightforward Edge Computing use cases. For enhanced capabilities, a more robust version with 4G connectivity, the CloudRail.Box Max, is also available.

Features & Benefits


Built on an industrial-grade computing platform, ensuring durability in challenging environments.


With a small footprint, it serves as a gateway for efficient data acquisition and straightforward data batching.

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