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Flex Cable

Flex Cable

Ensure the success of your mission-critical applications with MOSH’s MachFlex™ Flexible Cables. By specifying our reliable cabling infrastructure, you can reduce total cost of ownership through minimized cable maintenance costs and enhanced uptime. These flexible cables are expertly designed for tight spaces, meeting rigorous motion requirements while optimizing space usage.

Features & Benefits

Engineered for Movement

Our cables meet stringent physical and mechanical requirements to ensure optimal performance in motion applications.

Machinery Protection

Ideal for NFPA 79 applications, safeguarding your equipment and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Space Optimization

Designed for compact areas, allowing for additional cable runs without sacrificing the durability needed for flexing.

Cost Efficiency

Reliable, consistent performance translates to reduced overall cable maintenance and lower costs.

Outstanding Performance

Backed by a 10-year warranty, guaranteeing long-term reliability.

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