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Signal Isolators and Termination Modules

Signal Isolators and Termination Modules

Microverse Signal Isolators are crucial in safeguarding sensitive equipment such as PLCs, DCSs, and Data Loggers/Scanners from potentially damaging transients and ground-loop currents originating from field signals.

These isolators are engineered to block high voltages and currents from reaching the field equipment during fault occurrences in the control room, a vital feature for hazardous area applications where strict limits on current and voltage levels are mandated.

Key Specifications

Isolation level of 1000 V A.C. + D.C. peak

Optional models available for either 3-port or cost-effective 2-port isolation

Compact design (22.5 mm width) for easy DIN Rail mounting

Microprocessor-based linearization and Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) for RTD and T/C

User-settable measuring ranges

Diagnostic indications for open loop and microcontroller healthiness

In addition to Signal Isolators, Microverse has developed termination modules designed to enhance safety, facilitate maintenance, and provide robust protection for PLCs and DCSs against interference in field signals. These modules offer EMI and EMC protection in accordance with IEC 61000-4-4 standards, along with transient protection.

Termination modules play a dual role by terminating field signals and acting as interface protection for PLCs and DCSs, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operation in industrial settings.

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