Mosh Technology

Patch Cords, Cordsets & Assemblies

Industrial Cordsets

MOSH provides an extensive selection of single-ended and double-ended cordsets designed to streamline installation and maintenance processes. Offering options with ratings for protection against water, dust, contact, vibration, heat, and flame, MOSH and Lumberg Automation cordsets ensure optimal signal protection even in the most challenging environments.

Features & Benefits

Ease of Handling

Designed for intuitive handling, these cordsets facilitate quick and user-friendly termination, enhancing efficiency.

Rugged Performance

Engineered for durability, these cordsets demonstrate proven reliability in wet, dusty, and harsh environments, ensuring consistent performance under adverse conditions.


With solutions catering to a wide range of applications, these cordsets offer versatility to meet diverse needs.

Copper Pre-Term Assemblies

Pre-terminated copper assemblies encompass trunk assemblies, pigtails, and commercial-grade and industrial copper patch cords. Designed for superior quality and performance, these assemblies are robust enough to endure daily wear and tear. Available in Category 5e, 6, and 6A, both shielded and unshielded options, they cater to various connectivity needs. Specialized versions include traceable patch cords and trunk assemblies in multiple bundle sizes, providing flexibility and reliability for diverse applications.

Fiber Pre-Term Assemblies

MOSH offers a comprehensive range of fiber connectivity solutions, including fiber patch cords, hydra patch cords, mass fusion pigtails, MPO trunk assemblies, and multi-fiber cable assemblies. These products deliver superior quality and performance, with robust designs built to endure daily use. Available in both standard configurations and custom-tailored installations, they provide flexibility for various architectural designs. Benefit from low-loss OM4 0.2 dB MPO and 0.15 dB LC connectors, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Broadcast & AV Assemblies

To meet the growing bandwidth demands in broadcast and entertainment environments, Mosh provides a diverse selection of pre-terminated Broadcast Assemblies. These assemblies include SMPTE hybrid, tactical fiber, coax, triax, and audio cables. Each assembly is manufactured to the highest quality standards and undergoes rigorous testing. A test report verifying reliable signal transmission is included with every shipment.

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