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DuetConnect™️ Hybrid Copper-Fiber Cable

Introducing DuetConnect Hybrid Copper-Fiber Cables, a groundbreaking solution that seamlessly integrates DC power and fiber optics into a single cable. This innovative design ensures safe delivery of both power and data over extended distances, making it ideal for remote locations where conventional power installation is impractical or cost-prohibitive. Our versatile portfolio offers various cable constructions to meet your unique application needs, including indoor and indoor/outdoor 2 mm breakout cables, LSZH in AIA and non-armored versions, and AIA indoor/outdoor 2 mm/3 mm breakout and distribution plenum cables.

Features & Benefits

Power and Data Integration

Hybrid cables provide both power and data transmission, supporting a wide range of low-voltage applications such as communications and security devices (e.g., cameras, sensors, wireless access points, phones, monitors).

Streamlined Ordering

SmartPart numbers enable customized products tailored to specific conductor, fiber strand, color, and length requirements, simplifying the ordering process.

Labor and Time Savings

By consolidating power and data transmission into a single cable, installers only need to pull one cable instead of two, reducing labor costs and installation time.

Inventory Optimization

With a hybrid construction, you only need to stock and manage one cable instead of two, minimizing inventory requirements and streamlining logistics.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for both indoor (plenum and riser) and indoor/outdoor (plenum and riser) installations, offering unparalleled flexibility for diverse applications.

Portable Cordage

MOSH’s Portable Cordage solutions offer engineers a blend of flexibility and durability that has been trusted for decades. With a range of options including rubber and specialty plastic jacketing, paired with finely stranded conductors, our cables ensure unmatched reliability for temporary applications.

Features & Benefits

Extended Cable Life

Each product is engineered for unsurpassed reliability, backed by approvals, ratings, and rigorous performance testing to ensure longevity.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Choose from a wide selection of constructions, including 2, 3, 4, 5, and multi-conductor configurations, providing versatility to meet diverse needs.

Fault-Managed Power System (FMPS) Cables

MOSH’s Fault-Managed Power System (FMPS) Cables mark a revolutionary advancement in the industry as the first cables designed and UL listed for Class 4 cabling. Engineered to safely carry power at higher levels and over longer distances, they effectively reduce infrastructure costs. These cables feature transmitters and receivers that continuously monitor line conditions, ensuring proper receipt of power pulses. In case of any detected issues, power distribution halts immediately, safeguarding both personnel and equipment. The FMPS Cable portfolio includes a range of copper cables and our innovative hybrid cables, allowing simultaneous transmission of power and data within the same cable. Furthermore, all FMPS cables can seamlessly integrate with our extensive portfolio of fiber connectivity products, providing an end-to-end infrastructure to support distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Features & Benefits

Versatile Support

Ideal for a variety of applications including distributed antenna systems, passive optical networks (PONs), security cameras, and wireless access points. Suitable for indoor (plenum and riser), outdoor, and overhead-burial installations.


Simplified installation as electricians are not required for cable installation. Current Class 4 Certified cables include the DEDN and DEWN product families.

Safe Power Distribution

Enhanced safety ensured through Digital Electricity power sensing technology, making Class 4 systems as safe, if not safer, than Class 2 and Class 3 systems.

Extended Power Delivery

Capable of delivering 20 times more power or covering distances up to 2 km, surpassing traditional PoE capabilities.

Enhanced Electrical Performance

Designed with stranded copper pairs to maintain flexibility and performance throughout the installation process.

Industrial Power Cable

MOSH’s Industrial Power Cables offer unmatched performance, ensuring reliability and longevity in mission-critical applications. These UL or CSA-rated tray and Teck cables come with MOSH’s industry-leading 10-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your operations.

Features & Benefits

Field-Proven Reliability

Trusted by industrial professionals for decades, these cables have undergone rigorous testing and have consistently delivered reliable performance in demanding environments.

Durable Construction

Engineered with proprietary materials optimized to endure extremes, including high temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Superior Mechanical Performance

Available in a variety of materials, including Mosh's LSZH formulations, these cables offer superior mechanical strength and flexibility, meeting the diverse needs of industrial applications.

Low-Voltage Power Cable

MOSH’s Low-Voltage Power Cables offer a comprehensive range, including UL tray cable in power sizes and CSA Teck 90 cables (available in 3 conductors with ground or 4 conductors with ground configurations), with a variety of shielding or armor options. Whichever cable you choose, you can expect outstanding reliability and maximum performance.

Features & Benefits

Engineered for Durability

Crafted with proprietary materials optimized to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Proven Reliability

Field-tested to ensure robustness and reliability, meeting the rigorous demands of industrial environments.

Tailored to Your Requirements

Customize your cables by selecting from a range of materials, including PVC/nylon, XLPE, and EPR insulated conductors with PVC, CPE, or LSZH jackets, ensuring they meet your specific needs.

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