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Process Manufacturing

We empower process manufacturers to excel in a rapidly digitizing world. Our cutting-edge solutions are crafted to fast-track your digitization efforts, ensure regulatory compliance, and boost production efficiencies.

Facing increasing operational complexities, process manufacturers can rely on our comprehensive, vendor-neutral solutions. We provide the digitization, bandwidth, and security needed to manage the growing demands of process manufacturing.

With robust, secure, and future-ready networks, you can confidently integrate new digital technologies to enhance your production operations today while preparing for a more connected future.

Explore the 4 Elements that Drive Performance Efficiencies

Control Systems

- Achieve complex, high-level control of plants and processes
- Distributed Control System (DCS)
- Process Control System and Network (PCN)
- Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
- Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Safety and Security Systems

- Deliver detailed monitoring and control of hazards and threats
- Gas Monitoring and Analyzing System
- Safety Instrumented System (SIS)
- Emergency Shutdown System (ESS)
- Fire and Gas System (FGS)
- Vibration Monitoring System (VMS)

Ancillary Systems

- Manage monitoring and control of external resources
- Power Plants and Substations
- Product Cargo and Logistics Terminals
- Tank Farms

Backbone Network

- Provide powerful and reliable wired, wireless, and remote connectivity plant-wide
- Combined Service Network
- Plant-Wide Wireless Network
- Network Management
- Remote Connectivity

Explore Process Manufacturing Industry Segments

Process manufacturing spans a diverse array of industries, typically categorized into five primary archetypes: continuous fluid processing, batch fluid processing, solids extraction, continuous solids processing, and liquids extraction and distribution.

Examples of industry segments within process manufacturing include cement, chemicals, food and beverage, glass, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, mining and metals, oil and gas, pulp and paper, semiconductors, steel, textiles, water/wastewater, and wood. 

Oil and Gas

Metal and Mines

Chemicals and Fertilizers

Water and Wastewater


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