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OptoQuick Components

Experience hassle-free mounting and dependable connections with Hirschmann OptoQuick Connectors for plastic Fiber. Say goodbye to the risk of RFI/EMI interference and ground potential disturbance while enhancing transmission distances. The OptoQuick range offers optical transmission and reception elements, ensuring reliability. With a diverse array of options available, finding the perfect high-quality OptoQuick device for your system is guaranteed.

Features & Benefits

Tailored Components for Your Specific Needs

Select from a diverse range of options including sockets, plugs, and couplings, each with distinct color codings to suit your unique requirements.

Effortless Deployment

No assembly tools needed, ensuring quick and easy setup.

Consistent, Reliable Connections

Experience excellent performance consistently, with no risks of RFI/EMI interference or disruption from ground potential.

Optical Bypass Relay

For those prioritizing network availability, the Optical Bypass Relay emerges as the ideal solution. In the event of simultaneous power failures across multiple switches, your network, barring the directly affected applications, will remain operational.

Features & Benefits

Effortless Maintenance & Servicing

Plan bridging of system components conveniently according to schedule.

Enhanced Uptime

Ensure continuous network operation, even during power outages affecting one or more switches.

On-Demand Bypass Activation

Utilize the control contact to trigger bypass function easily for maintenance or selective shutdown of network segments.

Fieldbus Repeaters

Hirschmann Fieldbus Repeaters efficiently transmit modest data volumes over extensive distances, ensuring fast and reliable communication for standardized fieldbus protocols. These repeaters are particularly well-suited for real-time control networks spanning long distances. However, due to the prevalence of diverse protocols and standards globally, navigating the selection of high-quality optical fiber cable modules for your systems is essential. Explore further to discover suitable options for your needs.

Features & Benefits

Robust & Dependable Performance

Equipped with redundant 24V power supply inputs and integrated ring redundancy for failsafe operation.

Versatile Connectivity

Select from options tailored for single mode, multimode, and plastic Fiber, ensuring flexibility in line configurations.

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with process control systems utilizing signal strength outputs, along with LEDs indicating link status and data transfer activity.

Compatibility with Standardized Fieldbus Protocols

Access electrical/optical interface converters designed for Profibus, Geniusbus, Modbus Plus, and RS-485 fieldbus networks, ensuring seamless interoperability.

Fiber Converters

Even amidst challenging industrial environments, fiber components uphold exceptional availability and redundancy. MOSH Fiber Media Converters provide a comprehensive array of solutions, catering to users requiring robust fiber links connected to copper devices across diverse environmental settings.

Features & Benefits

Power Flexibility

Select your preferred power source from options including DC power input, external AC power supply, or power from data signals, ensuring independence from external voltage.

Versatile Mounting

Choose from DIN rail, tray mountable, or direct placement on the terminal device, with the option to mount on a DIN rail via an adapter, providing flexible installation solutions.

Enhanced Durability

Engineered to withstand harsh environments such as factory floors or outdoor applications, maximizing longevity and reliability.

Extensive Compatibility

Port options support a wide range of configurations, accommodating everything from Gb SFP fiber transceivers to 10 Mb fiber media types, ensuring comprehensive support for diverse networking needs.

Hirschmann Fiber Interface Accessories

Hirschmann’s system accessories for fiber interfaces provide practical and functional solutions tailored to the high-quality fiber optic cable modules for your systems. They are designed for easy assembly and ensure a secure power supply.

Features & Benefits


Tailored specifically for Hirschmann Fiber Interfaces, drawing from extensive real-world customer application experience to ensure future-proof functionality.

Dependable Power Supply

Designed to support sensitive loads in various industrial automation environments, even in the face of harsh conditions, guaranteeing reliability.

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