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Fiber Optic Cable

Distribution Tight-Buffered Fiber Cable

MOSH’s Tight-Buffered Fiber Cables are among their top-selling and most popular fiber cabling systems, ideal for enterprise applications such as intra-building backbones and both horizontal and vertical installations. These cables come in fiber counts from two to 144, suitable for indoor and indoor/outdoor use. They are available in plenum and riser versions for flame resistance, as well as in unitized and non-unitized constructions to accommodate diverse environments. The 900 µm tight-buffered fibers facilitate quick installation and easy termination with FiberExpress (FX) Fusion Splice-On Connectors.

Features & Benefits

Fast, Easy Installation

Built with strength members to endure pulling stress without damage.

Rapid Field Termination

The 900 µm tight-buffered cable, with its small outer diameter, quickly connects to FX Fusion Splice-On Connectors.

No Need for Conduit

The interlocking armor provides an additional layer of protection.

Built for Tough Environments

Designed for indoor/outdoor use, these cables resist UV radiation and moisture.

Breakout Fiber Cable

MOSH’s Breakout Fiber Cables are engineered for robust performance in demanding environments, such as conduits, junction boxes, patch panels, and factory floors. These cables feature a single fiber per sub-unit and offer the ease of 900 µm tight-buffered termination. Designed for rugged applications, the aramid yarns of the connector and cable are bonded together, delivering exceptional strength and durability.

Features & Benefits

Easy, Consistent Field Terminations

The 900 µm tight-buffered fibers simplify the termination process.

Rugged Bond

The 2mm and 3mm single fiber sub-units ensure a strong connection between the connector and fiber.

Robust Construction

Perfectly suited for demanding environments.

Unmatched Strength

The bonded aramid yarns provide exceptional durability.

Interconnect Fiber Cable

MOSH’s Interconnect Fiber Cables are designed with a small form factor, offering flexibility to endure the rigors of daily patching while maintaining high density. Suitable for indoor applications, these cables come in 250 µm and 900 µm tight-buffered constructions, available in simplex and duplex formats, as well as riser and plenum versions for flame resistance.

Features & Benefits

Great for Confined Spaces

The small outer diameter makes the cable easy to route and handle.

Flexible Uses

Ideal for high-density patching and tight routing within cabinets and enterprise data centers.

Easy to Install

Lightweight and flexible, the cable maintains the durability needed for tough installation conditions.

OptiTuff® Mini Fiber Cable

Our revolutionary OptiTuff Mini Fiber Cable features advanced, ruggedized thermoplastic material, offering a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to traditional metal armored cables. Compared to non-armored fiber cables, this all-dielectric armor delivers superior durability and crush resistance, making it one of the most versatile options available. It maintains excellent mechanical properties while being more flexible and easier to handle and install than metal armored cables, without requiring grounding or conduit. These unique characteristics make it an ideal solution for projects needing easily installable fiber, especially in small spaces, raceways, or environments with tight and challenging turns.

Features & Benefits

Smaller and Lighter

Up to 90% lighter and 70% smaller in outer diameter than metal armored cables, and 50% smaller in OD compared to non-armored cables.

Small Bend Radius

Perfect for high-density raceway or tray installations, with a bend radius three times smaller than non-armored cables and nine times smaller than metal armored cables.

Cost Savings

Eliminates the need for grounding kits, saving on material and labor costs. A cost-effective alternative to traditional metal armored fiber.

Crush Resistant

High crush resistance and durability eliminate the need for conduit, ensuring reliable performance.


Lightweight and anti-kink properties enable fast and easy pulling.

Ribbon Fiber Cable

As trends like virtualization and convergence drive increased traffic to 40G/100G data centers, the demand for high-fiber-count cables to support growing bandwidth is rising. Flexible Ribbon Cable offers the highest connectivity density relative to cable size, optimizing every square foot. Its small outer diameter and exceptional flexibility make it easier and faster to handle, enabling installations in narrow pathways and small conduits.

Features & Benefits

Easier Cable Pulling

Exceptional flexibility makes it perfect for narrow pathways and small conduits.

Faster Deployment

Simplifies installation by eliminating the need for sorting and ribbonization.

Reduce Special Tools

Allows for the termination of multiple fibers simultaneously, speeding up installation.

Maximum Flexibility

Features a malleable fiber construction with no preferential bend axis.

Save Space

Maximizes space efficiency with a high-fiber-count cable.

Mini Distribution Fiber Cable

MOSH’s Mini-Distribution cables are perfect for indoor applications, including Base 12 networks. Their 250µm sub-unitized fiber construction supports MPO terminations while minimizing size and weight. These cables are compatible with traditional LC/SC/ST terminations using simple breakout kits and facilitate labor-saving mass fusion splicing.

Features & Benefits

Fast Field Termination

Facilitates mass fusion splicing, saving time and labor.

Design Flexibility

Available in fiber counts from 8 to 144, with PVC and LSZH jackets, compatible with LC/SC/ST terminations.

Tight Bend Radius

Smaller cable subunits (2 mm, 3 mm) allow for tighter cable routing.

Supports High Density

Lightweight and compact design enables more cables to run in conduits.

Multi-Loose Tube Fiber Cable

MOSH’s Multi-Loose Tube (MLT) Cables are ideal for outdoor (OSP) and indoor/outdoor applications, suitable for conduit, direct burial, aerial, and trunking installations. The standard offerings include dry or gel-filled single and double-jacket OSP options, as well as plenum and riser ratings, with choices of aluminum interlocked or steel corrugated armor. Additionally, the RailTuff Fiber Optic Cable is designed specifically for enhanced safety and fire protection in transportation applications.

Features & Benefits

Reduce Labor Costs

The 250 µm fiber design supports mass fusion splicing, saving time and labor.

Application Flexibility

Select constructions meet Oil Res I & II ratings, perform at low temperatures down to -55°C, and have ABS approvals for marine applications.

Ruggedized Options

Aluminum interlocked and steel corrugated armor provide increased crush resistance and eliminate the need for conduit.

Maximum Flexibility

Features a malleable fiber construction with no preferential bend axis.

Save Space

Maximizes space efficiency with a high-fiber-count cable.

Central Loose Tube Fiber Cable

MOSH’s Central Loose Tube Fiber Cables are perfect for indoor/outdoor applications, including conduit, direct burial, lashed aerial, and trunking installations. These cables feature 250 µm fibers and are available in fiber counts from 2 to 24. Standard options include plenum, riser, and outside plant (OSP) ratings, with armor choices of all dielectric, aluminum interlocked, or steel corrugated. They are now available in both Gel and Gel-Free constructions.

Features & Benefits

Eliminates Grounding

All-dielectric design removes the need for grounding.

Space Savings

Available in single and multi-unit designs for optimal space utilization.

Facilitate Mass Fusion Splicing

250 µm fibers support the fusion of multiple fibers at once.

Increased Crush Resistance

Available with interlocking and steel corrugated armor for enhanced protection.

Tactical Fiber Optic Cable

MOSH’s tactical cables are re-deployable audio/video communications cables designed to support military use, outdoor news, sportsing, and other events. Rated for harsh environments and outside exterior plant applications, they provide unprecedented flexibility coupled with a high crush resistance. The military inspired MaxiBend™ Tactical Fiber provides the utmost durability for repeated deployment and retrieval in severe environments.

Features & Benefits

Fast Field Termination

900 µm tight buffered fibers make termination simpler

Ideal for Outdoor Applications

Features a UV-resistant jacket

Rugged Construction

Superior level of crush resistance and repeat-use resistance

Fault-Managed Power System (FMPS) Cables

MOSH’s Fault-Managed Power System (FMPS) Cables are the industry’s first UL-listed cables designed for Class 4 cabling. These cables safely transmit power at higher levels and across longer distances, reducing infrastructure costs. Continuous monitoring by transmitters and receivers ensures proper power pulse reception, with immediate power shut-off if a problem is detected to protect people and equipment. The FMPS Cable portfolio includes copper cables and a new line of hybrid cables that simultaneously transmit power and data. These cables can be paired with our extensive range of fiber connectivity products to support distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Features & Benefits

Deliver Power Across Long Distances

Transmit up to 2,000W over distances up to 2 km, providing 20 times more power or distance than PoE.

Cost Effective

No need for electricians during installation. Current Class 4 Certified cables include the DEDN and DEWN product families.

Improve Electrical Performance

Stranded copper pairs design maintains flexibility and performance during installation.

Support New Technology

Ideal for distributed antenna systems, passive optical networks (PONs), security cameras, and wireless access points. Suitable for indoor (plenum and riser), outdoor, and overhead burial applications.

Safe Power Delivery

Digital Electricity power sensing technology ensures Class 4 systems are as safe—if not safer—than Class 2 and Class 3 systems.

DuetConnect™️ Hybrid Copper-Fiber Cable

DuetConnect Hybrid Copper-Fiber Cables combine the benefits of DC power and fiber optics in a single cable, enabling safe delivery of both power and data over long distances to remote locations where standard power solutions are impractical or costly. The portfolio offers versatile cable constructions, including indoor and indoor/outdoor 2 mm breakout cables, LSZH in both AIA and non-armored versions, as well as AIA indoor/outdoor 2 mm/3 mm breakout and distribution plenum cables.

Features & Benefits

Power and Data for Low-Voltage Applications

Hybrid cables deliver power and data to communication and security devices such as cameras, sensors, wireless access points, phones, and monitors.

Reduce Labor Costs and Time

Installers only need to pull a single cable instead of two, streamlining the installation process.

Easy Ordering and Cable Identification

SmartPart numbers provide tailored products with specific conductor, fiber strand, color, and length options.

Less Inventory to Stock

The hybrid design simplifies inventory management by requiring only one cable type instead of two.

SMPTE Camera Cable

MOSH’s SMPTE Cable Assemblies are engineered for high-definition (HD) cameras, efficiently transmitting multiplex audio and video signals for superior performance. These assemblies feature machine-polished fiber contacts, soldered copper conductors, and come pre-terminated with SMPTE connectors from top industry manufacturers.

Features & Benefits

Increased Durability

Assemblies include an internal stainless steel strength member for enhanced durability.

Low Attenuation and Return Loss

Ensures high-speed, uncompressed HD video transmission with excellent performance.


Meets SMPTE 311M and 304M standards.

Many Options Available

Various SMPTE hybrid cable variations are available to meet the specific needs of your application.

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