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Managed Switches

Managed DIN Rail & Compact Switch Families

MOSH presents a diverse range of ruggedized Managed or Lite Managed Ethernet Switches designed to deliver dependable performance in demanding industrial settings. With options for Layer 2 and Layer 3, as well as built-in Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology, our portfolio supports the evolution towards future-ready networks. Our products offer management capabilities ensuring the reliability and availability of sophisticated automation solutions, along with network monitoring options.

Features & Benefits

Future-Proof Your Network

Enhance bandwidth and speed capabilities to prepare for future growth

Consolidated Services

Utilize TSN technology to support multiple services on a single network.

Enhanced Reliability

Benefit from extensive redundancy support, including MRP, HSR, and PRP, for increased uptime.

Tailored Configuration

Configure switches with 4 to 28 ports and both Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities to suit your specific needs.

Space-Efficient Design

Enjoy space savings with Ethernet transmission via a single wire pair, offering a lighter and more compact alternative to traditional Ethernet cables.

Hirschmann Managed OCTOPUS Ethernet IP67/IP65 Switches

Introducing the OCTOPUS Family of managed switches, engineered to provide robust IP65/67 waterproof and dust-tight protection. Ideal for diverse applications including onboard rail, fire protection in trains, railway line use, ship use, and road vehicle use. The Full Gigabit Managed versions offer full Gigabit Ethernet capability across all ports, catering to high bandwidth requirements. Select models also feature Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. Please note: MOSH will phase out OCTOPUS Classic variants of Hirschmann Classic Software Switches, with the LAST ORDER DATE set for December 31, 2023. Transition seamlessly to newer models running the advanced Hirschmann Operating System HiOS, offering drop-in replacements for Classic Software-based equivalents.

Features & Benefits

Transportation Approved

Complies with regulations for use in railway vehicles, along railway lines, fire protection in trains, and in road vehicles.

Durable Construction

Robust housing guarantees the highest industrial protection ratings (IP67/IP65) against mechanical stress, humidity, dirt, dust, shock, and vibration.

Effortless Selection

Accessible online configurator simplifies the process of finding the ideal switch for your application.

Protocol Flexibility

Choose from models supporting Profinet, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP to accommodate multiple protocols seamlessly.

Hirschmann Managed Rack-Mount Switches

MOSH’s Managed Rack-Mount Ethernet Switches are highly adaptable and tailored for industrial settings. Our portfolio encompasses switches engineered to withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures, shock, vibration, or EMC challenges. Additionally, we offer variants suitable for applications with controlled environmental conditions, eliminating the need for powerful cooling systems. Please note that MOSH will discontinue the MACH102 family and specific variants of the MACH104 family operating on Hirschmann Classic Software, with the last order date set for December 31, 2023. However, newer models running the state-of-the-art Hirschmann Operating System HiOS are available as seamless replacements for their Classic Software-based counterparts.

Features & Benefits

Future-Ready Design

Offers a diverse range of port types and data rates to accommodate evolving needs.

Advanced Routing Capabilities

Supports static, dynamic, and multicast routing for the creation and connection of subnetworks.

Robust Data Security

Incorporates management features with redundancy protocols, diagnostic capabilities, and extensive security mechanisms for enhanced data protection.

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