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Control Cable

Control Cable

MOSH presents a comprehensive range of UL-rated 600V Tray Cables, CSA Teck, and ACIC Cables, available in multi-conductor versions, catering to various control applications. These Control Cables are instrumental in supporting automation and instrumentation tasks, facilitating the regulation of automated processes. Enjoy the assurance of a 10-year, no-cost warranty, underlining the proven reliability and performance of these cables across industrial settings.

Features & Benefits

Proven Performance

Field-tested and proven to excel in industrial environments, ensuring reliable performance under demanding conditions.

Endurance in Extremes

Engineered with proprietary materials, these cables are built to endure the rigors of industrial operations, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Diverse Options

Choose from a wide array of material options, including proprietary LSZH, PVC/nylon, and more, ensuring you find the ideal cable solution for your specific needs.

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