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Fieldbus Cable

Foundation Fieldbus Cable

Experience unparalleled flexibility in a diverse array of demanding applications, whether outdoors or in scenarios requiring multiple cable runs. Mosh Foundation Fieldbus Cables are meticulously engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, including temperature extremes, humidity, dust, and oil. With downtime costs soaring in industrial settings, investing in Mosh Foundation Fieldbus Cables ensures unrivaled protection and performance.

Features & Benefits

Robust Construction

Choose from a range of armor, shield, and rating options to minimize cable damage and optimize performance.

Enhanced Interoperability

Streamline system architecture for seamless plant operations.

Unmatched Versatility

Engineered to excel across various applications, environments, and conditions.


Industrial downtime is prohibitively costly. Mosh’s PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA, and PROFINET Cables guarantee unrivaled reliability, uptime, and performance. Rigorously tested, certified, and proven, they ensure application flexibility in demanding environments, whether outdoors or in areas requiring multiple cable runs. Engineered to withstand temperature extremes, humidity, moisture, dust, and oil, these cables provide steadfast reliability.

Features & Benefits

Rugged Construction

Engineered to endure harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

Installation Flexibility

Offers robust shielding/armoring options and PLTC rating for 300V applications.

RS-485 Cable

The RS-485 MOSH cables are the reference choice for automation systems, including Modbus, BACnet MS/TP, CANopen, or DMX512. Low capacitance and enhanced noise protection allow extended reach and the highest performance under harsh conditions, as well as improving safety in case of fire.

Features & Benefits

Market leader for fieldbus cables

approved by many system manufacturers.

Designed for reliability and long-distance installation

low capacitance and enhanced noise protection prevents distortion and error.

Comprehensive offering

performs in harsh environments and improved safety in case of fire.

ControlNet Cable

The RS-485 MOSH cables are the reference choice for automation systems, including Modbus, BACnet MS/TP, CANopen, or DMX512. Low capacitance and enhanced noise protection allow extended reach and the highest performance under harsh conditions, as well as improving safety in case of fire.

Features & Benefits

Highly Reliable for Time-Critical Applications

Seamlessly manage real-time controls traffic alongside regular best-effort traffic on an Ethernet network.

Exceptional Signal Integrity

Features Duobond IV Quad Shield to maintain signal strength and support extended run lengths.

Optimal Return Loss

Rigorously sweep tested to guarantee critical performance features meet ControlNet requirements.

EtherNet/IP Cable

MOSH provides a comprehensive selection of EtherNet/IP Cables designed to bolster your IIoT-ready network. Engineered for rugged industrial use, these Ethernet cables ensure reliable performance, even in the toughest conditions, minimizing costly downtime.

Features & Benefits

Customized Solutions

Extensive portfolio caters to diverse application requirements.

Reliable Performance

Many cables feature Mosh's patented Bonded-Pair technology for consistent performance.

Enhanced Shielding

Advanced shielding technology resists interference, maintaining signal integrity in harsh environments.

DeviceNet Cable

MOSH’s DeviceNet cables provide a cost-effective solution for industrial automation, facilitating communication between devices like sensors and PLCs. These cables eliminate the need for expensive hardwiring and offer flexibility in real-time network configuration, allowing for device replacement without network interruption.

Features & Benefits

Cost Savings

Avoids the expenses associated with traditional cabling methods and installation.

Real-Time Configuration

Enables users to configure products on-the-fly and replace devices without disrupting the network.

Robust Design

With heavy-duty PVC jackets resistant to sunlight and oil, these cables ensure reliable performance even in harsh industrial environments.

Data Highway Plus/Blue Hose Cable

MOSH’s Blue Hose cable stands as a stalwart conduit for transmitting PLC/DCS signals across the bustling factory floor. Pioneering the realm of Data Highway applications, MOSH Blue Hose (9463) cables offer the sturdy interface essential for linking programmable logic control (PLC) processors, I/O devices, and other crucial equipment within industrial settings. Born from extensive research and development, each MOSH Blue Hose cable is crafted to meet exacting quality standards.

Features & Benefits

Tailored for the Control Layer

Engineered specifically for the Control Layer, it effortlessly fulfills the demands of high-throughput industrial applications.

Unparalleled Reliability

Purpose-built to withstand the rigors of hazardous and industrial environments, it provides exceptional protection against crushing and impact.

Modbus Cable

For more than two decades, Modbus has stood as the gold standard for seamlessly integrating remote I/O and PLCs into process DLC systems. Its widespread adoption means that most legacy control systems effortlessly interface with Modbus. Streamline your integration process and ensure seamless communication within your plant’s control architecture by opting for Mosh Modbus Cables. With multiple options available, you can tailor your Modbus solution to suit your specific needs.

Features & Benefits

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly interface with the majority of plant control architectures, accommodating network distances of up to 4,000 ft.

Proven Reliability

With a track record spanning over 20 years, Modbus Cables have demonstrated unparalleled performance in mission-critical applications, even in the harshest of conditions.

Versatile Product Offerings

Embrace a diverse range of Blue Hose constructions, affording unparalleled installation flexibility unmatched by other communication cables.

CAN-Bus Data Cable

MOSH CAN-Bus Cables for CANopen networks are the go-to choice for motion control networks across a diverse range of industries, including discrete manufacturing, mass transit, building automation, and maritime electronics applications. Designed with the highest standards in mind, these cables are CMP listed for flame and smoke protection, ensuring safety in critical environments. Engineered for optimal performance and cost-effectiveness, they eliminate the need for conduit, streamlining installation and saving on expenses.

Features & Benefits

Conduit-Free Installation

With armoring options available, these cables offer robust strength and protection, eliminating the requirement for conduit and simplifying the installation process.

Enhanced Noise Protection

Designed to shield automation applications from the influence of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring uninterrupted performance even in noisy environments.

Armored Data Cable

Enhance your operational reliability with the unmatched dependability of MOSH Armored Fieldbus Cables. Available in a range of armoring options—including aluminum interlock, steel interlock, and bronze braid—these cables are designed for ultimate protection and performance in the harshest environments, providing an extra layer of safeguarding.

Features & Benefits

Maximized Uptime

The additional protective layer significantly reduces the risk of cable damage, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.

Robust Construction

Engineered to endure crushing, impact, rodent interference, and fluid ingress, these cables are built for durability and longevity.

Cost Efficiency

With built-in protection, there's no need for conduit, reducing both labor and material costs.

HART Cable

MOSH provides an extensive selection of cables that support the HART protocol, delivering a cost-effective and robust field communications solution. HART Cables guarantee reliable signal transmission among your HART-enabled devices, with engineering designed to perform in demanding environments.

Features & Benefits

Signal Integrity

Advanced noise protection prevents data distortion and errors over long-distance cable runs.

Reliable Performance

Engineered to withstand the harsh environmental conditions typical in industrial settings.

Customized Solutions

A comprehensive portfolio offers options to meet your specific needs.

RS-422 Cables

MOSH’s RS-422 Cables deliver proven reliability and performance for applications such as POS and computer communications. Available in various gauge sizes, dimensions, insulation materials, shielding configurations, and jacketing materials, these cables provide the ideal solution for your specific requirements.

Features & Benefits

Lower Capacitance

Ensures reliable signal transmission over long distances.

Fast Installation

Finely stranded conductors offer greater flexibility, simplifying installation.

Customized Options

A variety of combinations to precisely meet your needs.

100% Shielding Coverage

Patented Beldfoil shield technology ensures external noise does not interfere with signal integrity.

Extreme Temperature Operation

Choose from a range of jacket materials suited for different temperature ratings and budget needs.

RS-232 & RS-423

Commonly utilized in POS and computer communications, RS-232 & RS-423 Cables deliver proven reliability and performance, all backed by a 10-year, no-cost warranty. Available in a diverse array of gauge sizes, dimensions, insulation materials, shielding configurations, and jacketing materials, including plenum and high-temperature versions, these cables are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Features & Benefits

Extended Transmission Distances

Lower capacitance supports reliable signal transmission over longer distances.

Simplified Installation

Finely stranded conductors enhance flexibility, making installation quicker and easier.

Easy Specification & Design

Available in multiple gauge sizes, shielding options, conductor types, and pair counts to meet diverse application needs.

Best-in-Class Shield Technology

Patented Beldfoil shield technology provides 100% coverage, ensuring external noise does not compromise signal integrity.

Versatile Temperature Options

A variety of jacket materials designed to accommodate different temperature ratings and budgetary requirements.

ECE R118-Approved Cables

MOSH’s ECE R118-approved cables are specially designed flame-resistant industrial cables, prioritizing safety for both passengers and buses in the event of a fire. (Please note: Available in the EMEA region only; use the region selector to view products available in your area.)

Features & Benefits

Safety and Speed

These flame-resistant data cables strike a crucial balance between safety and performance, ensuring both passenger and vehicle safety without compromising on data transmission speed.

Compliance with Fire Standards

Meeting stringent bus and coach fire standards, these cables provide reliable safety assurance in critical situations

Effortless Installation

With flexible cabling, installation becomes quick and hassle-free, saving time and effort while maintaining optimal safety standards.

KNX-Certified Cables

MOSH KNX cables are engineered to provide both reliability and safety for your building automation devices, even in the event of fires. (Please note: Available in the EMEA region only; use the region selector to view products available in your area.)

Features & Benefits

Flexible Options

Enjoy a comprehensive range of put up lengths, providing flexibility to suit your specific requirements.

Advanced Shielding Technology

With patented Beldfoil® shield technology offering 100% coverage, these cables safeguard signals against external noise interference, ensuring consistent performance.

Enhanced Safety

Achieve improved safety for both staff and equipment with the highest CPR Euroclass flame performance rating, ensuring optimal protection in fire scenarios.

Reliability Assurance

Benefit from KNX third-party certifications and Belden's standard 10-year cable warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for your automation systems.

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