Mosh Technology

Consumer Packaged Goods

Empowering Modern Manufacturers with the Right Data

Modern manufacturers need accurate, accessible, and highly protected data to enhance decision-making. This data must be available anytime, anywhere, with secure transportation from sensors to the cloud.

When CPG plants connect and manage operational assets and workflows in real-time and on-demand, they can achieve the automation and efficiency needed to unlock new manufacturing capabilities.

As a trusted OT expert for decades, Belden provides end-to-end solutions, services, and tools to help CPG plants advance in their digitization journey.

Explore Solutions Designed to Improve Your Operational Performance

Connected Plant

Optimize workflows in real-time and on-demand to drive automation and efficiency.

Schedule Optimization

Effectively schedule and sequence changeovers to reduce waste and downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Minimize machine downtime by preventing equipment failures and breakdowns.

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